Sole Beaming Ambience

The shoemaker gives away the shoes to the needy.

An elfin inclination of shoemaker forms a work of eloquent affinity, contriving on foot, hiking, on tip-toe and flats for the intimate crafts of shoes diligently found in the fairy tale, ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’.

Harmonizing needful needle and thoughtfulness, needless to say, the shoemaker has these tiny unheralded artisans at his hour of need.

The humble and generous shoemaker realized the judicious set of footwear amazingly furnished within his benign vision in the waking hours.

Thankfulness to the wonders expressively, the shoemaker and wife made the prim suits to share the joy together with the exponents of artistic approach to feet well shod.

Sprightly couple looked a picture of health keeping themselves in pretty good shape, zealously joining the children in robust lace-up shoes.

Unfaltering wayfarer has led an undaunted trail out of the fraught situation and bolsters a family’s golden opportunity.

Whether in a commuter path, an express path or a slow path, the nature unfolds for a healthy pathway of vigour veins striving to gain a foothold with tough resilient soles.

This inspirational source has instilled kind magical power into the family that also strikes a grateful note appreciatively with the intricate, pleasant and beaming ambience, spontaneously dancing in exquisite craftsmanship.


Intuit in Stitch

Stitch is guided with good behaviour by Lilo.

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, whoa.  The fairy tale about the emperor who does not have a stitch on! – a misguided notion of the best suit humorously.

Stitch, cute as well, is acutely looking into nothingness for his adverse suite, and a mischievous automation turned into family wellness, pulsating with excitement together with Lilo in the movie.

A meteoric “parfait”, Stitch has caused Lilo’s sister to be in a tizzy at first, but has eventually thrilled the family at last, phew.

Good to grasp the nettle and introduce pergola for a mettlesome garden!

After debug and deeply touched by the family pleasant moment, Stitch has found his abode and adhere to his warden’s rule.

The ‘suit’ is sagacious that has sweeping reforms.  It is indeed invisible to the preconceptions which may hold fast to.

Sensing the wonderful rainbow for vibrant colours which contain red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, Stitch has intuitively hopped on to…..

blue that may be fulfilled with the raised wholesome hot air balloon aloft.

The tendentious suit is stitched with clean-cut image.  Zealous Stitch may tarnish an image initially, it is true love that is the force immanent within the family which is impossible to conceive of life………without it, and

for Stitch to assimilate and well suited to family vivid impression.






Healthy Glow matches Mind-Body Unity

In pole vaulting, a human can ‘jump’ to a height of about three times his or her body height, with just the help of a pole.

Children draw matchstick figures representing parents in a family…..and smile.

A much bigger wooden stick in the form of kendama is popular among communities, a traditional Japanese toy, which demands mind and body unity to catch the ball in one of the cups or hole on the spike with good control.

Exercise is a form of carrot and stick approach, the reward is full of pep that adds zing to the body – namely jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics, skating, qigong, tai chi, yoga and the like – conversely, a lethargic spirit is stuck in a rut.

Kazotsky kick, a Russian dance, is exciting and fun while at the same time tricky and challenging.  It commands high skill in bending down and holding the weight of the body in balancing stance.

Perfect match in healthy glow galvanized good coordination.

The Peace Road tour is exemplary in keeping the invigorating spirit and vitality that will bolster not only health externally, but internally as well.

Each matchstick figure has glowed into eternal hope with perfect match, and may well be illustrated in the fairy tale – The Little Match Girl – who joined her kind and affectionate grandmother in heaven with her clear vision very much alive in the glow of light.

The word ‘matchstick’, taken out of context, connotes a family with healthy and lively glow intermingle in appropriate workout, not excluding the internal aspect of respectable growth.






Gravitate of Traditional Ingredients

Victoria Falls on the boundary of Zambia and Zimbabwe are some of the Earth’s most spectacular waterfalls.

Liken to a dazzling array of flowers, the authentic traditional festive fare is much adored for the appetizing aroma – delicious Broth and Fish with fragrant spices; classic Meat dishes rich with robust flavours; zesty Vegetable stews; Savouries and Pudding; Pickles and Condiments – for the array of distinguished intrinsic cuisine.

Seasonal Kimchi, Sushi and The Prosperity Toss (Yusheng) – another upswing for the bright heralds of abundance.

Renowned respective national park of World Heritage Site has attracted visitors for its open meadows, oak, conifer forest, dramatic landscape and species of creatures.  Impressive waterfalls can be seen from steep valleys and other scenery of towering cliffs and rounded domes.  This has exhibited fascinating perception for a great sense of tremendous beauties of nature.

In other respect, there are also major ethnic, cultural areas and historic sites that reflect national heritage.

The best cure for a cold is to let nature take its course where flow of special significance is enraptured by its natural and awesome ingredients.

Many fish have ingenious ways of protecting their eggs as well as virtually any blade of grass which is amazingly keeping its shade of green.

A mixture of laughter with children running and skipping that liven up in the gentle whisper of wind, and a stomach for a good wholesome food rumbles for a cohesive family value.





Notched up Crystalized Snow

The Seven Dwarfs, walking on a log and singing “Heigh-Ho”.

Seven dwarfs have aspired for a mine of information about jewels…..they are Doc, the leader with reading glasses; Grumpy-who manage to nose out the adverse conditions; Happy-the joyous dwarf; Sleepy-in his sleepy cottage deep in the woods; Bashful-who adds colour to his cheeks; Sneezy-with sneeze soared up to the sky; and lastly Dopey-mute and amusing.

These cute little miners are the true-blue friends of Snow White, who has proven to be able to resonate with them, and also being a real gem, she has outshone the mirror image of the overzealous queen, the stepmother whom is loftily as pure as the driven snow – in the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The other funny snowman, Olaf, has stayed… frozen… for his bubbly outlook, a natural outgrowth for his pure love and innocent attitude.

True Love is the jewel in the crown of pure snow imbued in both Snow White and Frozen.

Children may excavate their very own crystals in the cool mineral rock digging kit that contains various colour of natural crystals, as what the seven dwarfs are mining for the crystal clear jewels.

The skill requires patience, care and perseverance, and the joy is triumphant that commands attention as well as respect.

Grassland Brimful of Lambs

Grazing lambs are just as effective as herbicides in controlling winter weeds.

It’s not an atrocious weather, the path that leads to the village of Green-Green Grassland is appealingly pleasant for Weslie, the Happy Goat.  Fit at working out, the Sparky Goat is already anticipating the Fatty Goat relaxing and grazing on the grass – the home of Qing Qing Plains – in Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf.

There is no way plundering  under the “Village Elder”, an old goat.  In retrospect, the Big Big Wolf is nemesis to be dealt with, but has somehow turned clumsy.

On the other hand, if the lamb is a lamp, the magical genie with deeply entrenched belief of possibility, has sustained the Happy Lamb in a winning situation.

Enthralled children in the warmth of the lambswool blanket have been reminded of the two fictional tales – The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Pinocchio;  do not unknowingly pull the wool over the villagers’ eyes or speak with forked tongue.

This incident has caused the lost and scattered sheep and sustained great loss.  The true boy only emerged after Pinocchio’s nose is pecked by woodpecker, and transformed in a good and moral way, giving filial duty to his father.

The wisdom lamb not only have three bags full of wool, but is also truthful to his brotherhood of beauty, sparky and paddi in the forever ample, grassy and peaceful Grassland.


Attributes of Heroic Node

With the coming of spring, honeybees wake up and get the taste for the fresh nectar of the blooming flowers.

The blazing sun beaming through a garden overflows with delightful colours is imperceptible to a glazed and impervious vision that leaves inadvertently.

The wind chill winter that resulted in facial wince at the thought of that terrible Winter Soldier for taking his willpower willy-nilly, is a terror-ridden sight on 16 Dec 1991 features in the movie, Civil War.

Due to the factional conflict, the two groups of superheroes led by respective Captain America and Iron Man have plunged into civil strife.

The paralysis is inflicted at the core of this tinderbox.  Nonetheless, the superheroes have contributed dramatic amelioration.

Springy walk through the garden is brightened by the flowering of science and technology in the 19th century and the publish of The World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts in year 1991, which is a project of the International Religious Foundation.

A high degree of similarities is found among the comparison which affirm the origin sprouting from the same root, whereby the varieties of flowers continue to blossom in the afterglow.

There is something beautiful in Utopia with total absence of intemperance, only the amusing Avengers and the like, with added humorous Spiderman that enthused about in the innocence of the children’s pureness of heart, or rather, a place for Kingdom of Peace, where song of praise is sung enthusiastically.


Outshone in Ballerina

The balletic movement of a ballerina is a sublime art.

Ballet is elegant with graceful movement at the acme of perfection, ranging from folk dance to newly created and adapted contemporary dance.

With captivating and impressive performance, ballerina has won critical acclaim and gained significant result brimming with profound achievement.

Children learning to dance can benefit from team spirit of harmonizing and coordination movement.  The Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea has won praise and applaud from the delighted audience for their classical and aesthetically pleasing steps, in their presentations of the dances and songs of their native land.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier is a literary fairy tale wherein both ballerina and the tin soldier have movement impediment.  By virtue of the tin soldier’s passive acceptance of his destiny, he is eventually reconnected with the ballerina haphazardly.  The upshot is pulsating with the ballerina’s spangle glittering and a heart transformed to a new beginning for sudden illumination of light.

The very loyal and faithful heart of the tin soldier has not detached him from his sense of belonging for his unwavering rekindled spirit, inherent in the ballerina with immense value, for an emphatic course of events.

Amazingly, ballerina of native land, Korea, has now emerged as excellent traditional artistry that blossomed out at very young age, and has aroused admiration and respect that remained throughout.

Handcrafted in Pairs

Lichen is made up of a fungus and an alga that have such a close association that they behave as one organism.


A loving and harmonious relationship sparked work of beautiful art featuring paintings and sculptures that raise the eyebrows, from coordinated handcrafted result of skilful hands.

The relationship formed the backbone of living and interacting with each other in a community of living habitats for flow of energy transferring from one to the other, in this aspect.

Heat is produced other than sun by rubbing both hands together which a primitive man does.  As in feeding relationships, plants absorbed the dead animals matter for photosynthesis ultimately from a cycle of organisms to scavenger to detritivore (beetle, etc.), and thereafter decomposer, which simplified the dead animals matter to chemical that is useful for the plant.

When both hands embraced the gesture of respect and kindness, a flow of attainment are achieved in reciprocal relationships, and sometimes feet can do miracle as well.

Cinderella has relied on a pair of glass shoes that fit exclusively for her feet in determining her fate for meeting the other requisite partner in building a family of everlasting love.  This originally flawless in the delicate design and pattern of the affectionate shoes is given by the fairy Godmother.

In giving and receiving action, an energy is generated that builds affirmative result in a positive way for a portrait of magnificence in life source, achieved for a higher and greater purpose, whereby a pair of vision takes astounding assurance.





Graciously Gift


The Architect of the living organisms, who is a brainiac exhibits supreme capabilities, has endowed the bird with the brilliant idea to construct the intricate nest for her instinctive love to shield and feed her baby birds.

Other great exemplifications can be found in icefish and bacteria-like organism, that are superb to stay alive in extreme cold and hot temperature, with production of anti-freeze substance and strong resistance to scorching heat respectively.

Looking at orchid flowers, some are shaped, coloured and smell just like a female insect!  It’s no wonder bees are fooled spontaneously to transfer the pollen grains to other flower in a work of appendage.

Applaud to the uniqueness of the boxfish, its aerodynamic shape has inspired scientists to streamline the design of a car to an adoption of the fish’s strong and rigid, yet lightweight structure, that makes the car smooth in driving and a  feasible reduction in fuel consumption.

Children are fascinated by the presents they received on special occasions, and are seemingly oblivious to the world which is constantly more encouraging and inspiring with magnificent gift of splendour.

The gorgeous, lovely, precious and cherished Gift is opened graciously in a systematic way, much to the joy and delights through thorough strenuous effort and unreserved devotion since time immemorial, for a highly prestigious result.