Rosy Conviviality


Laudable attempt of miniature instinct
uplifting the seven dwarfs
of the gem of connubial bliss

Seamless sewing sculpted with sea change
in dancing elf deft footwork brilliance

Quizzical look on the three bears
for scrummy sharing
jolly Goldilocks into acute and
tantalizing sense of belonging scrupulously

Olaf the Frozen, made interesting melting, with fascinating and lovable grin!

Adoring kids warmly clad with genial Minnie dexterous stitch
gift of fabulous embellishment for mum’s special treat!

Savouring the Parfait at maternal bionic fingertips
the perky baby is substantially
the icing on the cake
with rosy cheeks!

Join in the hilarity of children
hum of cosy delights in Avengers fun
gracefulness in Cinderella balletic fleecy pump

Smart tips tinkering around the house ingeniously
for keen and positive approach
humbly outfitted in the Day Quote

The joy of parents begins with their children and
the joy of children begins with their parents

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