Intuit in Stitch

Stitch is guided with good behaviour by Lilo.

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, whoa.  The fairy tale about the emperor who does not have a stitch on! – a misguided notion of the best suit humorously.

Stitch, cute as well, is acutely looking into nothingness for his adverse suite, and a mischievous automation turned into family wellness, pulsating with excitement together with Lilo in the movie.

A meteoric “parfait”, Stitch has caused Lilo’s sister to be in a tizzy at first, but has eventually thrilled the family at last, phew.

Good to grasp the nettle and introduce pergola for a mettlesome garden!

After debug and deeply touched by the family pleasant moment, Stitch has found his abode and adhere to his warden’s rule.

The ‘suit’ is sagacious that has sweeping reforms.  It is indeed invisible to the preconceptions which may hold fast to.

Sensing the wonderful rainbow for vibrant colours which contain red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, Stitch has intuitively hopped on to…..

blue that may be fulfilled with the raised wholesome hot air balloon aloft.

The tendentious suit is stitched with clean-cut image.  Zealous Stitch may tarnish an image initially, it is true love that is the force immanent within the family which is impossible to conceive of life………without it, and

for Stitch to assimilate and well suited to family vivid impression.






5 thoughts on “Intuit in Stitch”

      1. I’m talking about the rhythm of your words, they are a lot like ‘Word Jazz’, there are unexpected choices within the phrase. At first reading I thought English might be your second language but your vocabulary is quite large. When read aloud they have a music that is not readily apparent when reading silently. Your style stands out. 🙂

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