Healthy Glow matches Mind-Body Unity

In pole vaulting, a human can ‘jump’ to a height of about three times his or her body height, with just the help of a pole.

Children draw matchstick figures representing parents in a family…..and smile.

A much bigger wooden stick in the form of kendama is popular among communities, a traditional Japanese toy, which demands mind and body unity to catch the ball in one of the cups or hole on the spike with good control.

Exercise is a form of carrot and stick approach, the reward is full of pep that adds zing to the body – namely jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics, skating, qigong, tai chi, yoga and the like – conversely, a lethargic spirit is stuck in a rut.

Kazotsky kick, a Russian dance, is exciting and fun while at the same time tricky and challenging.  It commands high skill in bending down and holding the weight of the body in balancing stance.

Perfect match in healthy glow galvanized good coordination.

The Peace Road tour is exemplary in keeping the invigorating spirit and vitality that will bolster not only health externally, but internally as well.

Each matchstick figure has glowed into eternal hope with perfect match, and may well be illustrated in the fairy tale – The Little Match Girl – who joined her kind and affectionate grandmother in heaven with her clear vision very much alive in the glow of light.

The word ‘matchstick’, taken out of context, connotes a family with healthy and lively glow intermingle in appropriate workout, not excluding the internal aspect of respectable growth.






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