Notched up Crystalized Snow

The Seven Dwarfs, walking on a log and singing “Heigh-Ho”.

Seven dwarfs have aspired for a mine of information about jewels…..they are Doc, the leader with reading glasses; Grumpy-who manage to nose out the adverse conditions; Happy-the joyous dwarf; Sleepy-in his sleepy cottage deep in the woods; Bashful-who adds colour to his cheeks; Sneezy-with sneeze soared up to the sky; and lastly Dopey-mute and amusing.

These cute little miners are the true-blue friends of Snow White, who has proven to be able to resonate with them, and also being a real gem, she has outshone the mirror image of the overzealous queen, the stepmother whom is loftily as pure as the driven snow – in the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The other funny snowman, Olaf, has stayed… frozen… for his bubbly outlook, a natural outgrowth for his pure love and innocent attitude.

True Love is the jewel in the crown of pure snow imbued in both Snow White and Frozen.

Children may excavate their very own crystals in the cool mineral rock digging kit that contains various colour of natural crystals, as what the seven dwarfs are mining for the crystal clear jewels.

The skill requires patience, care and perseverance, and the joy is triumphant that commands attention as well as respect.

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