Grassland Brimful of Lambs

Grazing lambs are just as effective as herbicides in controlling winter weeds.

It’s not an atrocious weather, the path that leads to the village of Green-Green Grassland is appealingly pleasant for Weslie, the Happy Goat.  Fit at working out, the Sparky Goat is already anticipating the Fatty Goat relaxing and grazing on the grass – the home of Qing Qing Plains – in Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf.

There is no way plundering  under the “Village Elder”, an old goat.  In retrospect, the Big Big Wolf is nemesis to be dealt with, but has somehow turned clumsy.

On the other hand, if the lamb is a lamp, the magical genie with deeply entrenched belief of possibility, has sustained the Happy Lamb in a winning situation.

Enthralled children in the warmth of the lambswool blanket have been reminded of the two fictional tales – The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Pinocchio;  do not unknowingly pull the wool over the villagers’ eyes or speak with forked tongue.

This incident has caused the lost and scattered sheep and sustained great loss.  The true boy only emerged after Pinocchio’s nose is pecked by woodpecker, and transformed in a good and moral way, giving filial duty to his father.

The wisdom lamb not only have three bags full of wool, but is also truthful to his brotherhood of beauty, sparky and paddi in the forever ample, grassy and peaceful Grassland.


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