Graciously Gift


The Architect of the living organisms, who is a brainiac exhibits supreme capabilities, has endowed the bird with the brilliant idea to construct the intricate nest for her instinctive love to shield and feed her baby birds.

Other great exemplifications can be found in icefish and bacteria-like organism, that are superb to stay alive in extreme cold and hot temperature, with production of anti-freeze substance and strong resistance to scorching heat respectively.

Looking at orchid flowers, some are shaped, coloured and smell just like a female insect!  It’s no wonder bees are fooled spontaneously to transfer the pollen grains to other flower in a work of appendage.

Applaud to the uniqueness of the boxfish, its aerodynamic shape has inspired scientists to streamline the design of a car to an adoption of the fish’s strong and rigid, yet lightweight structure, that makes the car smooth in driving and a  feasible reduction in fuel consumption.

Children are fascinated by the presents they received on special occasions, and are seemingly oblivious to the world which is constantly more encouraging and inspiring with magnificent gift of splendour.

The gorgeous, lovely, precious and cherished Gift is opened graciously in a systematic way, much to the joy and delights through thorough strenuous effort and unreserved devotion since time immemorial, for a highly prestigious result.


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