Aquatic Glow and Grow

Rhythmic ‘lub-dub’ sounds are produced when special flaps of heart close.


Freshwater is life and can be found in wells, springs, lakes, rivers and reservoirs.  A comparative mightier ocean cover almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface.  It is a massive area of water with a vibrant life of colourful and delightful fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, ocean and seashore animals, including the largest creatures, the great whales, which thrill the diver exploring this mysterious vast expanse of the underwater world.

The complexity of the ocean may be drawn by analogy with the human heart system.  With the size of a clenched fist, the heart works tirelessly and able to pump about five litres of blood in every minute.  It can hold amazing heart rate for a champion in vigorous swimming activities.  The cardiac muscles are special muscles that keep on pumping blood in and out of the heart without any rest!

Nature beauty of the marine habitat can be likened to the nature of human heart which is a conventional symbol of love.

The Ugly Duckling, a literary fairy tale, is a metaphor for inner beauty.  The strange-looking duckling has suffered as well as endured the abuse and a chain of fraternal mocking from the animals under the oppressive heat of the barnyard.  Nevertheless, he continued on his path and eventually found his eternal love in the family of swans of the spring lake, in which he is the most beautiful young swan, a transformation for his outwardly calm posture amidst the thorny trails without a resentful heart.

From an aesthetic point of view in nature, the heart is an exemplary model for love, life and happiness, that is formed in the foetus, glowing and growing with health in a mother’s water bag.

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