It’s peculiar that a bird doesn’t topple off its perch as soon as it goes to sleep.

My heartfelt gratitude for an occasion of a baby bird…..Well, this poor tiny helpless bird has fallen from a height in the vicinity of its fellow birdie environment.  A kind soul has saved it, took care of it, tested its ability to survive on its own before finally decided to part with it to explore the world in the midst of its familiar region.

Bravo!!!  This is altruistic love exuded naturally, to partake the healing process for the wound in life which takes a certain period of time to heal and sustain.  Ever since infancy, the parents unceasing nurture has implanted a seed of love with a life force which enable the child to bloom vibrantly.  The wilted flower has not given up hope and striving for another energy to renew itself, which is comparable life source for the determination to go the extra mile that is deserving admiration and respect!

A pair of wings soaring high in the vast expanse of the blue sky reached full maturity and eventually channel to sanctuary of peace that is free of danger and risk, may harbour fears and doubts initially.  It is the courage to face challenges along the path that mystical Mother Nature has yearned to pave the way with patience and desire, that ultimately reached its goal.

Sincerely hope the ‘birdie’ will grow up well and learned to give comfort and joy and marvelled at the world and the cosmos, which can bring LOVE and PEACE, a cardinal importance………




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